Civil Litigation

Litigation can be a very scary and intimidating process.  Whether you are being sued or need to file suit against someone who has wronged you, it is not a simple matter.


If you have been sued, you need to be defended.  Jeff McQuiston has successfully defended numerous civil lawsuits throughout his career.  Jeff has the skills and experience to fully research your situation and defend you and your position to the end.


If you have been wronged by someone and choose to sue them, Jeff McQuiston will gladly go to bat for you.  Jeff is not afraid or intimidated at the thought of filing a lawsuit against a person or entity who has committed a wrong.  He will fight for your rights no matter how big the battle may be.  Jeff will do his absolute best to get the results you are seeking.


No matter which side of the litigation process you are on, you will want an experienced and dedicated lawyer on your side.  Jeff McQuiston is that person.

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